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CMI-2020 selections at a glance

  1. Direct Admits
  2. Region-wise selections
    1. Bangalore
    2. Chennai
    3. Delhi
    4. Kerala
    5. West Bengal
    6. Maharashtra
    7. Other places

We take a look at budding mathematicians who cleared the CMI entrance exam 2020.

Direct Admits

The royal road to CMI goes through the olympiads. Most of the students have qualified either through math or informatics olympiad. Muhendar Raj is the only exception–he was given a direct admit based on his IChO performance. The candidates who qualify through this route usually have other good options, so only a fraction of them end up taking admission in CMI. For instance, 6 out of 32 students with direct admits have joined CMI. Roughly an equal number of them have joined ISI.

Math olympiad

The INMO awardees are invited to a month-long training camp, IMOTC in HBCSE. Those who complete the IMOTC are eligible for a scholarship of Rs 4000 per month from NBHM for the duration of their undergraduate studies. The list of participants for the INMO is also used for selecting students for EGMO and APMO, apart from IMO. The Indian contingent won 5 medals in IMO ‘19 held in Bath, UK. Anubhab Ghosal secured a silver medal. The list of students selected to IMOTC 2020 is here (pdf).

The subjective questions in CMI entrance exam are similar to olympiad problems, so students who reach RMO have an edge over others in the selection process.

Name                                                                                   AIR in JEE Adv.Other selectionsMisc. info
Aatman Supkar ISI-Direct Admit, IMOTC, KVPY - AIR 169Codechef Profile, ODM Public School
Hrishikesh Saikia * INMO - 2019, KVPY-140 
Abhinav Sen281IMOTC-2020Quora profile
Anubhab Ghosal IMO - 2019 (Silver)Math Stack exchange profile
Harihar Swaminathan373ISI-Direct Admit, IMOTC, APMO 2018Photo-FIIT JEE
Madur Agrawal ISI-Direct Admit, IMOTC-2020, KVPY 904 
Govind Ramesh * INMO Junior batch 2018, IOITC , APMO 2018Sr. DAV Public School
Dhrubajyoti Ghosh * INMO 2019 
Aytijhya Saha INMO 2019 
Nene Shantanu Hrishikesh IMOTC-2020, KVPY-206 
Om Sai * IMOTC-2020, APMO 2018 
Prisha Reddy Bobbili IMOTC, EGMO 2020 
Rajarshi Kanta Ghosh * ISI-Direct Admit, INMO 2019 
Sai Sanjay Narayanan INMO 2020 ,JEE-Main 99.7501208Photo-FIIT-JEE
Soham Samaddar184INMO 2019Video
Soutrik Sarangi ISI-Direct Admit, INMO, KVPY-332Quora profile
Yash Kunwar INMO 2019 
Suyash Srivastava905IMOTCFIIT-JEE Kanpur
Soumil Aggarwal33IMO-2019 missed Bronze by 1 point 
Sudharshan K V179ISI-Direct Admit, APMO 2018Photo at FIIT-JEE Chennai

Informatics olympiad

The Indian informatics olympiad is organized by IARCS and CMI is in charge of the selection process. Students who qualify via this route are usually good at competitive programming. A few students from CMI who currently have a high standing in Codeforces are Rajat De, Surya Prakash and Goutham R. Dhruv Saraff has achieved an impressive rating while still in high school and is somebody to look out for.

Name                                                                                   AIR in JEE Adv.Other selectionsMisc. info
Aryan Agarwala IOITCShri Ram School, Aravali
Raghuram Sundararajan APMO (Silver), KVPY 84, INOI 
Aryan Gupta INOI Qualified 
Dhruv Saraff IOITC 2020Codeforces profile
Lokesh V15328IOITCCodechef profile
Aryan Agarwala INOI2020The Shri Ram School, Aravali
Arindam Bhattacharyya * ISI-Direct Admit, INOI 2019Kendriya Vidyalaya
Nishant Dhankhar IOITCDelhi Public School, RK Puram
Rithvik Chatterjee IOITCCalcutta International School, Kolkata


Name                                                                                   AIR in JEE Adv.Other selectionsMisc. info
Sooraj Srinivasan158KVPY 159Video
Aditya C75KVPY 19Photo-FIITJEE
Muhendar Raj4IChO (Silver), Currently at UCLA 

ISI-Direct Admit pdf
IMOTC stands for International Math Olympiad Training Camp.

Region-wise selections


Surprisingly, Bangalore has more selections than Chennai this year. We would like to highlight two students from the city who have put out some interesting educational content on the web.

  • Firstly, we have Vishnu Kadiri who has been active on Math Stack exchange and has answered many questions on the forum.
  • Then there is Naman Kumar who has a fantastic Youtube channel with many expository videos. We highly recommend that you check out his channel.

Name                                                                                   AIR in JEE Adv.Other selectionsMisc. info
Rajatadri Venkatasubban *  Shibumi School
Srivatsa B   
Vishnu Kadiri *2399 BASE Math. SE profile
Srigyan Nandi NTSE-Kar. Rank 20Src Cheenta
Naman Kumar * INMO 2020Quora profile, Youtube
Sumanth N R830 Sadhana College/BASE. Src
Bharath Rajagopal *   
Abhinav S Menon10947IIIT-HydNPS Koramangala
Barkur Anvesh Shetty3505KVPY 709 
Jessica Vipin *24009INMO 2019 ISI-DirectSt. Jerome PU College
Aprameya Girish Hebbar1562 Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Src
Srivishnu Rajagopal2777KVPY 368NPS, HSR Layout
Niranjan Kumar *   
Aytijhya Saha1606INMO-2019Photo from Pathfinder


Only three students from Chennai have joined CMI this year. Among the qualified students, two are from Prof.K.K. Anand’s Smart Academy and one from Brilliant Pala.

Name                                                                                   AIR in JEE Adv.Misc. info
Ankush Agarwal *~5000Prerna Classes
R S Harish Krishnan1950 
K.Samrat *  
T Karthik Rajendran *2327Photo
Sidharth A Narayanan3954Brilliant Pala
Kavin K12802FIIT-JEE Chennai
Navin Chandran K P539Photo
S Joel1851 
Aditya Ravindran5164Currently at IIT Madras. Quora profile


Name                                                                                   AIR in JEE Adv.Misc. info
Abhinav Roy  
Aakash Yadav *  
Tanvi Singh15456FIITJEE (Dwarka)
Hardik Kalra *  
Debashis Biswal *  
Aryaman Das1972Currently at IIT Delhi. Quora
Varad Mahashabde1016FIITJEE Delhi Photo


Name                                                                                   AIR in JEE Adv.Other selectionsMisc. info
Niranjan K. Sabu2342 FIIT-JEE Kochi
Maqbool Manoj * Gold medal in SoF math olympiad Src 
Abhishek Sarith INMO 2018, JEE Main 99.8674674 (Kochi topper)FIITJEE-Kochi
Nikhil Krishna A R AISSCE (97.2%)St. Jude Public School, Thrissur. Src
Angelina Shibu5521Selected in IISeR 
Adarsh T *   
Muhammad Farhan 1200/1200 in Kerla Higher Secondary exam. State-wise top 23Perambra Higher Secondary School. Src


Name                                                                                   AIR in JEE Adv.Other selectionsMisc. info
Hamdhan Bin Abdul Azeez7808KEAM-20Youtube video
Abdul Raheem K   
Krishna.D.K10791KEAM - 181, JEE Main - 99.2632284Youtube video
Aleena M R KEAM - 10, JEE Main 99.8125971, (First among girls in Kerala)Youtube video

West Bengal

As expected, Kolkata has the maximum number of qualified students. Eleven students from WB have joined CMI.


Name                                                                                   AIR in JEE Adv.Other selectionsMisc. info
Agnibha Sinha663Currently at IIT KharagpurCodechef profile Photo
Antara Das8916West Bengal RMO.FIIT-JEE Durgapur
Rohit Roy *6706–ditto––ditto–


Name                                                                                   AIR in JEE Adv.Other selectionsMisc. info
Ishan Paul3094 Photo IIT Math wizard
Samprit Chakraborty  AoPS profile
Shankhadip Bhattacharjee *   
Amitava Ghosh *7156West Bengal RMO 
Sirsha Dey West Bengal RMO 
Sounak Das   
Shouvik Ghosh *2507 DPS Ruby park, Vidya Mandir Photo
Sattick Das  YouTube Live with Cheenta
Soham Pal *3887  
Bimit Mandal * INOIQuora
Soumya Dasgupta *   
Diptaksho Palit * KVPY, INOIGarden High School
Saham Sil *3908 FIIT-JEE Kolkata
Mrinmoy Banik INOI 2019 KVPY 2019South Point High School Photo
Arunsoumya Basu KVPY AIR-679 
Gourab Ghosh *   
Mousam Biswas1128WBJEE Rank 11 (General)Photo
Anubhab Dasgupta   
Mangalik Mitra4367  
Aniket Sen   
Atreya Choudhury3148 Vidya Mandir Kolkata Photo
Reetanjan Kali Roychowdhury7132West Bengal RMO 
Shubhendu Prasad Mandal *   



Aaditya Mahesh Rathi11458From M. Prakash Institute, Joined NIT Warangal
Chinmay Makarand Pimpalkhare770M. Prakash Institute
Medha Sridhar Yelimeli *14312M. Prakash Institute, Mehta Fellow, PROMYS Photo
Pranav Sanjay Ghorpade *8574M. Prakash Institute
Rahul Rustagi2938 
Riddhi Ram Sonney *8359 
Shruti Sharad Patil *  


Vaibhav Makarand Sherkar 
Ameya Vikram HalarnkarICSE X Topper News article, Photo
Siddharth Sandeep Panch * 
Ambaye Om Hrishikesh 
Atharva Suresh Ghugare 


Kedar Prashant DesaiJEE Main 99.941888
Tejas Unmesh Oke *RMO 2018, KVPY - 727 Photo
Arunav BhowmickCBSE XII City topper Photo
Aditya Dwivedi 

Other places

VizagPudipeddi Udit Narayan Sastry * 
VizagLahari JalluriJoined NIT Warangal
MaduraiK SwathikKVPY-AIR 1249
MaduraiPradeep Kumar B 
RanchiAkhoury Shauryam *INMO 2019, IAPT
RanchiBipplav Kumar TiwariJEE. Adv-648, KVPY 1675 Photo
RoparKush MazumdarAIITS 2041
PanchkulaAbhinav SapraHansraj Public School, Photo
TirupatiRuhul Ameen SJEE. Adv-4488
PatnaAkash DeepKVPY 2017
AhmedabadTrivedi Jatan Himanshubhai 
AllahabadHrishabh MishraJEE. Adv.-11832
AllahabadShruti Roy 
BhubaneswarSibasish RoutJEE Adv.-73 Photo/News
JaipurBhavya Sangwan 
JaipurHarshit Choudhary * 
JaipurKunal KundwaniJEE. Adv. 63, KVPY Fellowship, Career point, Kota. Photo
ChattisgarhSauhaard BatraFIITJEE AIITS 519
ChattisgarhArchit SoodJEE-Advanced AIR-1266, KVPY 430 Youtube
GuwahatiUtpalraj Kemprai9th rank Assam HS Exam Photo
GuragaonWritika Sarkar *CBSE Xth 2nd Rank, Youtube
IndoreK V Swetha 
KanpurAlok Dhar Dubey * 
HyderabadVishal Reddy Parvatha Reddy *JEE-Adv. 23156, FIIT-JEE Hyd
UPHrishabh MishraJEE Adv-11832

Waiting list Apart from the candidates above, there were about eight students on the waiting list. Most likely, all the students in the waiting list had the same marks. The admission offer was not extended to any waiting candidates this year.