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This website is for class XI and XII students who wish to pursue B.Sc. at Chennai Mathematical Institute.

Disclaimer. This is an unofficial resource and is not affiliated to CMI.


  • Congratulations to everybody who made it!
  • Cutoff marks for 2024 are added below.

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Number theory
Complex numbers

CMI entrance exam cutoff

The cutoff has been around 40% for the objective section and 40-50% overall. The objective section is used for screening.

CMI does not publish the cutoff marks but they have responded to individual requests in the past. The scores shown below were shared by former students who were privy to this data.

2024 cutoff marks

The exam was for 120 marks. 40 marks for Part A and 80 marks for Part B. Part A’s screening cutoff was 11/40. Overall cutoff marks are given below.

TypeGeneral Category and MalesOther categories
Without scholarship47/12039/120
With scholarship58/12047/120

2023 cutoff marks

The exam was for 120 marks. 40 marks for Part A and 80 marks for Part B. The cutoff was 36/120 for GM category and males without scholarship. The cutoff was 33/120 for everybody else.

2021 cutoff marks

In 2021, CMI used an unconventional criteria for admission. The cut-off for Part A was 17/40 for everyone. More weightage was given to Part B marks. In the general category with scholarship, students were admitted if they had >=61 marks in total or if they had 39 or more marks in Part B. So, a student who got 17 marks in Part A and 39 marks in Part B was still admitted with scholarship. But a student with 22 marks in Part A and 38 marks in Part B was NOT admitted in that category.

With scholarship61/100 or 39/60 in Part B57/100 or 35/60 in Part B
Without scholarship56/100 or 30/60 in Part B50/100 or 28/60 in Part B

There was no waiting list.

2020 cutoff marks

The cutoff marks for the year 2020 are given below. The marks are out of 94 instead of 100 since one question had a mistake.

With scholarship54/9444/94
Without scholarship48/9440/94
Waiting list45/9438/94

The cutoff marks for the previous years are given below. The marks are for general category without scholarship.

YearObjective (40 marks)OverallVetted by
20161462/124Sayantani Bhattacharya
20171560/125Abhiroop Sanyal
2019∼1652/100Ankush Agarwal
2020∼1648/94CMI Office
20211756/100CMI Office
2023836/120CMI Office
20241147/120CMI Office

Preparation tips and interview experiences (pre-2016)

  • 2015 Interview experience by Sanjay M who posted this on AoPS. [pdf]
  • Why I joined CMI by Vipul Naik who joined CMI despite getting JEE AIR-154.
  • How to prepare for CMI by Sai Krishna who joined CMI in 2013. [pdf]
  • CMI entrance exam preparation experience by Ankita Sarkar who joined CMI in 2015.

Starting from 2016, admissions are based only on the written test and there is no interview.

When universities in the United States are looking to recruit mathematics students from India, one of the first places they look for applications is from CMI, if not the first place. Universities that are able to get CMI students are always very proud.

Manjul Bhargava


Admission rate

Acceptance offers are sent to around 90 candidates and about half of them enroll. This is the reason why the number varies from year to year. Approximate numbers are given below.

Year# Test-takers# Offers# Students enrolled


The book contains the problems and solutions from the years 2010-2021.

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