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Mock Test #9: Results

Topics: Full-syllabus [Question paper]

Timings: 14:00-17:00 Hrs    Date: 4 June 2021


The following students took part in the mock test. The table below shows their scores against anonymized names.

Varun, Deepta Basak, Ryan Hota, Basistha Amit Kumar, Yenisi Das, Lightgear, Anuj Kumar, Devansh Kamra, Gautham, Varnana, Raghav, Gyanananda, Rishav, Snehansu, Sougata, Manan Roy Choudhury, Samya Mukherjee, Aditya Prabhu, Krishanu, Soumyadeep and Sanjay Sharma.

How to view a submission?

To see any student’s answer:

  1. Click on the marks corresponding to the question in the scorecard below.
  2. Scoll down.

Offline entries are shown after the blank line.

Click on a cell and scroll down to see the submission.

Results of the previous mock test.