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Mock Test #5: Results

Topics: Integral Calculus [Question paper]

Timings: 10:30-13:30 Hrs    Date: 21 Mar 2021


The following students took part in the mock test. The table below shows their scores against anonymized names.

Snehansu, Gautham (*), Manan Roy Choudhury (*), Rishav (*), Sougata (*), Soumyadeep, Varnana, Varun, Yenisi Das, Gyanananda, Debjit Khaskel, Shayari Das, Vishal S, Sanjay Sharma (*) and Karthik S.

(*) Offline entry

How to view a submission?

To see any student’s answer:

  1. Click on the marks corresponding to the question in the scorecard below.
  2. Scoll down.

Click on a cell and scroll down to see the submission.

Results of the previous mock test.